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The name Castle Village implied the eventual creation of a village behind the castle. In the early 1980's, work began to seletively clear trees and bring many loads of clean fill onto the back bush loc. Around this time, Paul had purchased a 45-arce paced of land to add to his original 7 arces. the first building that Paul built in this nature and fantasy village called the Enchanted Kingdom Park, in the early 1990's were the Dwarf Village Slides: three buildings downsized for children. Interconnected with stairs, slopes, slides and bridges where youngsters could play, and Snow White's Wishing Well. Paul and his youngest daughter Suzette, then designed and conceptualized the following series of building from 1994 to the mid-2000's. Hansel and Gretel's Candy and Ice Cream House, The Three Bear's House, Red Riding Hood's Grandma's House, The Mother Goose House, Hickory Dickory Dock, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Old Grist Mill, and Merlin's Tower. Paul did the construction while Suzette organized and arranged all the lifestyle props, life size characters and decor settings inside each building. The 80-foot long fun suspension bridge was then built to span from Merlin's Tower over a pond with a giant fountain. An educational trail with illustrated signs telling about a hardwood forest also forms part of the Park. 

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