Escape Games

Age minimum 10 years old, anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Cost: $25 per person + tax
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Difficulty: Easy
2-6 players recommended 2-4, 60 min
Glow in the dark

The king has taken 3 beautiful women. The Queen of Emerald Forest, Queen of the Sapphire Sea, and Queen of the Ruby Elixir. As he is only allowed to have 1 as his wife and he has not made up his mind, he has locked them all down in the dungeon. It is up to you to rescue them before the king executes 2 of them at sun rise. You have 1 hour till day break. Will you make it out alive or killed for treason.

Escape Room 2 - CRASH LANDING 

Difficulty: Medium
2-6 players recommended 3-4, 60 min
Team based

In this game you will be split into 2 groups, Pilots and Passengers.

Your plane has crashed in rebel infested territory. Looking around the Pilots are found and brought to a prison. The Passengers going in the other direction find and old army base with a plane inside. However only the Pilots can fly so the Passengers will have rescue them before one hour when they are due to be executed. The Passengers will be trapped if this occurs.


Difficulty: Hard
2-4 players recommended 4, 90 min

You have found the home of the infamous Black Beard. You remember his ship the Ghostly Eclipse being off shore as your village was plundered. So you and the others wish to take back the stolen fortune. You learn that his ship is heading back home and only have an hour before he reaches land and makes you swim with the sharks.